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How To Use A Breville Espresso Machine

The Breville espresso machine is one of the best coffee-making machines, and that’s why it’s at work in your home! Whether you are a new user or a classic one, you must know how to use a Breville espresso machine. It will ensure the best taste of your well-needed lovely cup of coffee. So how to use a Breville espresso machine and have a perfect blend of coffee?

No worries! Today I will help you get the best flavor of the Breville espresso machine by following simple and practical guidelines. Read on to feel the joy of your coffee with a Breville espresso machine.

How To Use A Breville Espresso Machine

You can use your Breville espresso machine with ease. You have to maintain two primary steps for understanding how to use a Breville espresso machine properly. The first one is to measure caution and setting understanding. Obviously, the second one is to make your coffee.

Let’s get into the details of those steps for better understanding on how to use a Breville espresso machine.

1. Caution and Setting Understanding

If you are a new user, you must take some caution before having your first cup of coffee in a Barista espresso machine. Cleaning and understanding the Breville espresso setting is the foremost factor for assessing how to use a Breville espresso machine.

i. Cleaning:

  • After placing the Breville espresso machine on a flat and stable surface eliminate the stickers and packaging from the machine.
  • Now lift the water tank handle and remove the tank from the Breville espresso machine. Wash the Breville espresso machine with mild liquid detergent to avoid any scratches.
  • Decontaminate the Breville espresso machine with soft and clean clothes to remove dust or germs from the outer surface. Then set the water tank where it was. 
  • Remember to use warm water for the cleaning procedure of the Breville espresso machine. Running a coffee-making operation with clean water is suggested for ensuring hygiene.

ii. Understanding and Implementing the Setting 

A. Use the numbered settings on the GRIND SIZE selector to adjust the grind size. Smaller numbers indicate a finer grind, while larger numbers indicate a coarser grind in the Breville espresso machine. Finding the right balance is important – not too fine and powdery, but not too coarse. I suggest starting at setting 5 of your Breville espresso machine and making adjustments as needed. You can also use manual grind on the Breville espresso machine but this takes experience.

B. Next, set the GRIND AMOUNT dial to the 3 o’clock position as a starting point. You can then adjust it towards LESS or MORE to achieve the desired dose amount. To ensure proper dosing in the Breville espresso machine, the metal cap on the tamper should be level with the top edge of the filter basket rim after tamping.

C. Insert the appropriate filter basket (1 cup or 2 cups) into the portafilter and select the desired size by pressing the FILTER SIZE button. Choose SINGLE for the 1 CUP filter basket or DOUBLE for the 2 CUP filter basket. This will ensure that the correct amount of coffee is used for optimal taste and quality.

D. For automatic dosing, ensure the hopper is securely in place and filled with fresh coffee beans. The filter basket should be completely dry before placing the portafilter into the grinding cradle. Engage the grinding activation switch of your Breville espresso machine by pushing and releasing the portafilter and allow the ground coffee to fill the portafilter. The grinding will automatically stop, but you can manually stop it by pushing and releasing the portafilter again.

E. Alternatively, insert the portafilter into the grinding cradle and hold it to engage the grinding activation switch for manual dosing on the Breville espresso machine. Continue holding until the desired amount of ground coffee has been dosed. This method allows for greater control over the amount of coffee used in each shot.

F. To ensure a perfect Breville espresso shot, tamping pressure is crucial. Insufficient pressure will result in low extraction pressure, while excessive pressure will lead to high extraction pressure. After flattening and leveling the ground, apply a bit of extra pressure while tamping. A final twist of the tamper before removing it helps maintain level ground.

2. How To Use A Breville Espresso Machine and make coffee

How To Use A Breville Espresso Machine

Follow the steps accordingly to have the perfect cup of coffee by your Breville espresso machine. 

  1. Fill the Water Tank: Make sure to fill the water tank of your Breville espresso machine with fresh, cold water up to the designated level.
  2. Preheat the Machine: Turn on the Breville espresso machine and allow it to preheat for at least 15-20 minutes.
  3. Select the Beans: Choose your favorite coffee beans and grind them fresh with the Breville espresso machine. A good rule of thumb is to use 7 grams of coffee for a single shot and 14 grams for a double shot.
  4. Fill the Portafilter: Place the portafilter into the Breville espresso machine and add the ground coffee. Use the tamper to pack the coffee evenly and firmly for the best coffee by the Breville espresso machine.
  5. Attach the Portafilter: Once the portafilter is filled with coffee, attach it to the Breville espresso machine by turning it clockwise. 
  6. Place the Cup: Place your cup or mug underneath the spout of yur Breville espresso machine, making sure it is centered.
  7. Brew the Coffee: Select the desired shot size and press the single or double button to start brewing the coffee in your Breville espresso machine. A single shot should take about 20-30 seconds to brew in a well-shaped Breville espresso machine.
  8. Froth the Milk (Optional): If you want to add frothed milk to your coffee, use the steam wand to heat and froth the milk. Make sure to purge the wand before and after use.
  9. Pour and Enjoy: Once your coffee is brewed and any milk is frothed, pour it into your cup and enjoy!

Tips for Using a Breville Espresso Machine

Remember and apply these tips as experimenting with your coffee will help you to become a pro coffee maker with Breville espresso machine.

  • Clean the Breville espresso machine regularly to ensure the best-tasting coffee.
  • Use high-quality coffee beans for the best results with Breville espresso machine.
  • Experiment with different grind sizes and tamping pressures to find your preferred flavor profile in the Breville espresso machine.
  • Always purge the steam wand before and after use to prevent any milk from clogging the wand.


How do I grind the coffee beans for the Breville espresso machine?

Use freshly roasted beans and a high-quality burr grinder to ensure consistent grind size. Adjust the grinder of your Breville espresso machine to a fine setting for espresso and dose the portafilter with the appropriate amount.

How do I froth milk with the Breville espresso machine?

Use a cold stainless steel pitcher and fill it with milk up to the base of the spout. Position the steam wand just below the surface and turn it on. Move the pitcher in a circular motion to create a microfoam. 

How do I clean the Breville espresso machine?

Clean the portafilter, filter basket, and steam wand after every use. Backflush the machine regularly to remove buildup. Descaling the machine every 3-4 months is also important to maintain optimal performance.


Using the Breville espresso machine should be an easy task for you now. In this article, I have explained how to use your Breville espresso machine perfectly for brewing coffee. You can use the Breville espresso machine to grind coffee beans and have how many cups of coffee you want by following this guideline. Enjoy your day with Breville espresso coffee in your hand!

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