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How To Make A Mocha With An Espresso Machine (6 Steps)

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love mocha. If you are a mocha freak like me and got an espresso I must tell you, you can easily make your mocha at home with your espresso machine.

Today I will give a simple guide for having a cafe-like mocha at home with your expresso. Are you ready to learn how to make a mocha with an espresso machine?  So get on!

Ingredients for Making a Mocha with an Espresso Machine 

No matter what you are making you need raw materials. So the case for brewing a perfect cup of mocha. Here is a list of some basic ingredients for a lovely mocha at home:

1.One shot of espresso (Approximately 1 ounce)

2.Cocoa Powder (1-2 tablespoons)

3. Sugar 

4. Milk

5. Spoon

How to Make a Mocha With An Espresso Machine

You can make a mocha with your espresso without any hassle. Just follow the 6-step procedure to have a cafe mocha at your home.

1. Coffee Bean Selection 

The first step in making a fantastic mocha should be selecting the right espresso beans. Look for newly roasted beans for the best flavor.

Consider the roast level as well! A darker roast will result in a more robust, more intense flavor. On the other hand, a lighter roast will taste milder.

2. Espresso Shot Making

The second step of the operation “how to make a mocha with an espresso machine” is preparing an espresso shot. Take 19-20 grams of coffee and grind it fine.

Now distribute the grounds in the portafilter and give it a firm tamp. Place the portafilter in your espresso to start brewing your shot.

3. Prepare Full-fat Dairy Milk 

Use full-fat dairy milk or Barista oat milk for your mocha. To keep the espresso shot hotter, you should start preparing your milk while you are brewing your espresso shot. This will keep your mocha for long enough.

Place your espresso steam wand in a jug of cold milk. Set the steam wand to “on” and place it slightly under the milk’s surface. To produce a whirlpool effect, keep the wand at an angle and move it in a circular manner. Turn off the steam wand and clean it once the milk reaches the correct temperature (between 140 and 160 °F).

4. Insert Chocolate Syrup 

Take 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder. Mix it with a little amount of hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar and mix it with the cocoa syrup with a spoon.

Use high-end cocoa powder for the best flavor. Now stir the syrup into the espresso coffee shot till it is fully incorporated.

5. Add the Milk 

Now add the chocolate with the hot milk. Pour the cocoa and milk syrup into the coffee. Full 2/3rd of the cup and stop.

Then pour the milk from one corner to another. Stop and repeat pouring in the same direction. Do it again and you will have a nice shape with great texture!

6. Garnish With Cocoa Powder And Milk Foam

Add cocoa powder and milk foam as a garnish by sprinkling cocoa powder on top of your mocha Now put the leftover milk foam on top with a spoon. That’s for the joy of your coffee.

And Congratulations! You have made the 1st cup of mocha with your Breville espresso machine.

Tips and Tricks for How to Make a Mocha with Espresso Machine

how to make a mocha with an espresso machine

Remember and employ these tips and tricks for a perfect mocha at home:

1. Use newly roasted beans. Try to get two-three weeks earlier roasted beans for the best flavor.

2. Clean the espresso, grinder, and milk wand regularly. Any residue can alter the flavor of your mocha. So be sure to clean them.

3. Fill the espresso water tank with hot water. Hot water helps to keep your mocha hot for a bit longer.

4. If your mocha is lighter or too bitter, change the ground size. Adjust the grind setting of your espresso beans between 3-5. A finer grind will help you to get a stronger and more intense flavor. Where a coarser grind will be milder.

5. It’s hard to get the right balance of frothy and cream the first time. Experiment with different levels of foam to find your perfect balance of cream and froth.

6. The quality of your chocolate syrup will greatly affect the flavor of your mocha. Look for high-quality cocoa syrups made with the best cocoa powder.

7. For an extra flavor boost, add a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla extract to your mocha.

Pros And Cons Of Making Mocha With An Espresso

Let’s take an overview of the pros and cons of the operation of “how to make a mocha with an espresso machine”


  • The espresso flavor is something coffee lovers crave for. Though the espresso flavor can be overridden in mocha.
  • An espresso gives you the freedom to customize your shot each time.
  • Quick and efficient, ready in minutes.


  • Espresso machines can be expensive.
  • Mocha-making is hard for beginners. It needs a certain level of experience for a perfect mocha with express.
  • Limited serving size, as espresso machines typically make single or double shots.
  • Making mochas for 6-7 people can be time-consuming.


1. What kind of cocoa powder should I use for a mocha?

You can use any kind of cocoa powder you want. But as a coffee enthusiast, I always prefer high-quality dark cocoa powder. This ensures the best taste of a mocha made with an espresso.

2. How much espresso should I use in my mocha?

This depends on your personal taste preferences. A standard mocha recipe uses a single or double shot of espresso, but you can adjust the amount to your liking.

3. Can I use milk alternatives in my mocha?

Yes, you can use milk alternatives for your mocha. Almond milk or oat milk will be a great choice. But to be honest there is no replacement for fresh dairy milk. It helps to get you the perfect taste and color for your homemade mocha.

4. How should I froth my milk for a mocha?

Use a milk frother or steam wand of your espresso to froth the milk perfectly. An easy trick to understand is the right temperature if the pitcher is too hot to touch. (65 degree Celsius)

5. What kind of whipped cream should I use for my mocha?

You can use whipped cream if you want some extra flavor. But use freshly whipped cream. Do not use frozen whipped topping. It can fail to hold up in a hot mocha.


Whenever you have mocha in a coffee shop you may think of making it by yourself. But don’t have the courage to do it on your own. Now you know exactly how to make mocha with an espresso machine. You may not be able to make a mocha that looks like professional. But after a few attempts, you can prepare professional mochas. Enjoy your favorite mocha made by yourself!

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