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How To Descale A Breville Espresso Machine With 2 Steps

If you want contentedly and best taste coffee with your Breville it’s better you learn how to descale a Breville espresso machine. Manufacturers suggest descaling the machine every 2 months. Well, I can’t blame them because if you don’t the mineral buildup in your machine will destroy the fun of espresso.

I have already provided you with the best descaler for the Breville espresso machine. This article will cover how to descale a Breville espresso at home. Trust me, you will be a pro at descaling your Breville espresso machine after reading this one!

How To Descale A Breville Espresso Machine? – Know the Truth

To master how to descale a Breville espresso machine you need to take 2 steps. One is gathering your tools and the other one is descaling. Let’s go into the details.

A. Tools and Preparation 

Here is a peek at the preparation phase. It will clearly what you will be needing.

1. Distilled water: As we know distilled water doesn’t contain any minerals, I suggest using it for the descaling operation.

You can also use tap water. But it will be a good idea to avoid tap water if you are getting a hard water supply in your area. Always use clean warm water for the descaling of your Breville.

2. Descaler: There are plenty of descalers available in the market but don’t just randomly pick one. Read the manual and look for the manufacturer’s suggested descaler. They mostly suggest Breville powder descaler or the Liquid one. You got one with your machine.

But there are some natural descalers available like vinegar or lemon juice. They are available at your home, right? You can simply choose lemon juice for your descaling agent. My favorite descaler for Breville is vinegar though! It works excellently.

3. Soft cotton fabric or sponge: Pick a soft cotton piece of fabric. It is for weeping the exterior of your machine. This also comes in handy when it comes to drying the parts of your machine.

4. Container: Take a 65-70 ounce container. It is to gather the descaling solution that comes through the machine.

After you gathered all 4 items, now turn off your machine. Remove all the removable parts from the Breville like the drip tray, water tank, etc.

Mix one packet of descaler with 30-35 oz of clean warm water. Give a minute or two to settle and feel the water tank with this solution.

How To Descale A Breville Espresso Machine

B. The Descaling Operation 

Now you are all set for running the descaling operation. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to descale a Breville espresso machine on your own.

1. Re-attach the tank

If you have poured the descaling solution into the water vessel, place it where it belongs. It is the first step to descaling your coffee maker.

2. Descale setting 

Luckily there is a setting for descaling Breville espresso. As the machine is switched off, press the 2-cup button and power button simultaneously. It will lead the machine in the descaling mode.

This feature of the Breville setting includes heating up all the units and making the machine ready for descaling. The power button should continuously flash on and off. It suggests the machine is heating up for the descaling.

3. The container placement 

You don’t want the descaling solution all over your beautiful floor. To avoid this place the container under the stem wand and group head.

It will collect the dirty solution. This helps you to keep your floor shiny like before. Don’t forget this step folks!

4. Indication

Your machine should be ready for the operation in a minute. You can see the power button, hot water button, and descale or clean button all light up. This indication ensures your machine is set to take off!

5. Start descaling 

  1. Descaling the coffee components

Now as your machine is ready press the one-cup button to start descaling. The descaling button flashes continuously throughout the descaling process.

It usually takes 20-30 seconds to descale the coffee components of a Breville espresso machine. Press the one-cup button once again when it’s done.

  1. Descaling the steam components 

There is a steam dial on the left side of your machine. Turn the dial in the anti-clock direction to the steam icon mode.

This process takes 12-15 seconds. But you can just end it by resetting the dial. Try to end this after 13 seconds.

  1. Descaling the hot water components 

After 13 seconds turn the dial clockwise and place it on the water icon. The water components need 8 seconds for descaling.

You can set the dial neutral when the steam wand is not leaking water.

6. Repeat

There is still a descaling solution left in the water tank. You have to repeat the “start descaling” step again. It will take care of any buildup residue left in the machine. You must take this step for an effective descaling.

7. Clean water cycle

You are almost done with descaling. Now remove the water tank and rinse it with clean water. Pour clean water into the water tank to its maximum capacity.

Reattach the tank and run the descaling process one more time. After that, you can press the power button to exit the descaling mode.

8. External Components Cleaning  

Clean the filter basket and portafilter with warm, soapy water. You can use the cloth to gently scrub away any coffee residue or stains.

Rinse all the parts with clean water to remove soap residue. Allow them to air dry or wipe them dry with a soft dry cloth. Then reattach them.

That’s it! Now you can brew consistent and fresh coffee with your Breville espresso.


1. How long does the descaling process take?

Depending on the specific machine and the descaling method, the descaling process typically takes around 20-30 minutes.

2. Can I use citric acid instead of a descaling solution?

It is not recommended. Breville advises using their own descaling solution or a homemade solution with vinegar. Using citric acid can void the warranty.


You should successfully remove mineral deposits and limescale by following the comprehensive techniques I described in this article on how to descale a Breville espresso machine. Descaling boosts the taste and quality of your coffee. 

So now it’s time for you to enjoy the best taste of espresso. Have fun!

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