Abdus Samad

There is not much to say about me. My name is Abdus Samad. I do a small job. I write for you in my spare time. Since my childhood, I have liked two things very much.

First one: writing

Second one: drinking coffee.

I am such a coffee fanatic that sometimes my mother says that, to my son all property can be taken away by drinking coffee. haha

Again, I was so crazy about writing that I used to present any small matter around me at length through writing. I used to show it to my mother, and she enjoyed it very much.

Why do I work on this site?

As I said earlier, I love drinking coffee. And I also love writing. People can do a variety of things to make him happy. So do I.

Is there any income from this site?

Yes, it is. We make a little money through affiliate marketing and various sponsors. But the income is much less than the hard work. Our main goal is to get everyone’s love. I want to earn your love through my writing. I don’t have much income.

What is the future plan?

There are no future plans. I want to write for you as long as I live and have strength in my body.